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So who are Happy Monday Feeling?

Always wanting to feel that she had helped, she realised that coaching and NLP (sometimes with the aid of hypnotism) can help people achieve their potential, sometimes reaching goals far greater than they had originally dreamed.  


She is also able to alleviate fears and phobias which have been picked up along the way, which again, leads to a more fulfilling life for the client.


One thing - please remember to bring your sense of humour with you – life is too serious to be taken seriously all the time.


Here at Happy Monday Feeling, we want you to wake up looking forward to what the day will bring, knowing you are confident and able to face any challenges that may come your way.

We are a family-owned company, and were registered for business in 2012.


Susan is the principal, and qualified as a Personal Performance Coach in 2013, also obtaining an accreditation as a DISC Psychometric Profiler.


She went on to train with Auspicium as an NLP and Hypnotist Practitioner in 2013/14, becoming a Master Practitioner in 2015.


Why did she do this training?  Well, she is the sort of person that can sit next to a complete stranger on a bus and know their entire life history by the end of the journey!!






"The first time I met Susan, I was struck by her openness and warmth. She has a wonderful approach which encouraged me to be honest

with myself about some things which had been holding me back"

VM 2015